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Disinfection Mats

Truco disinfection mats are an affordable and effective solution to help keep floors hygienic and free from viruses and bacteria.

They are ideal in schools and public areas that are concerned about Covid-19 infections; food preparation sites (such as butcheries, breweries, dairies); pharmaceutical applications and more.

The mats are assembled in 2 parts:

  • The moulded mat section, which includes the rubber tray & insert carpet
  • A drying mat, available in different sizes, for drying feet, available in black or grey

How it works:

A disinfectant solution is poured into the rubber tray, or directly onto the moulded mat. This provides a simple, contact-based disinfection solution as people walk over the mat. The drying mat then safely dries the disinfectant.

They are available in 2 sizes:

Standard size:

  • Drying mat: 600 mm x 900 mm
  • Mat insert & disinfectant rubber tray: 450 mm x 750 mm

Large size:

  • Drying mat: 900 mm x 1 800 mm
  • Mat insert and disinfectant rubber tray: 450 mm x 750 mm

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Interlocking tiles: a seamless fit

Our PVC tiles are manufactured with interlocking tabs on each side, just like a puzzle.

The interlocking system provides a solid, cohesive flooring solution while still enabling users to replace individual tiles in the event of a worn or damaged tile.

The interlocking system includes edging strips as well to provide a clean edge where the flooring ends.

Your PVC Mats & Flooring in Any Colour

Truco can supply PVC mats in any colour you require, not just the standard black!

We can also customise your tiles with any logos, patterns and designs you might wish to have on your flooring.

Call us on +27 11 839 2370 or send us an enquiry.

Our PVC mats are available across South Africa and Africa!

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