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TruMonitoring is an industry-leading solution from Truco that makes fault-finding & diagnostics more accessible, resulting in less downtime.

By incorporating this technology in any plant, you can easily connect to various devices & apply cellular technology to improve the conveyor processes.

Encased in the ‘Truco Black Box’, TruMonitoring is a streamlined system that features a preassembled GSM modem and a 5dB antenna, allowing you to streamline live system updates from mobile devices, PCs or laptops every minute.

Some of the features from TruMonitoring include:

  • Level measurement reporting and diagnostics.
  • Ghost tons indication and real-time product feed with shift reports in the palm of your hands.
  • Density graphs and SG calculations with real-time reporting.
  • Real-time flow reporting with chart tables
  • A Telegram Bot that allows you to communicate with your scales and track daily production progress.


Improve production with TruMonitoring! Enquire now +27 10 880 2180!

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