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Chemical Suction Delivery Hoses

Truco has over 125 years of designing, manufacturing and supplying innovative rubber hose solutions to meet Africa's toughest industrial applications. Truco's products and service always exceed customer expectations.

Now we've added chemical suction & delivery hose to our extensive product offering!

Our new chemical suction & delivery hoses are steel wire reinforced for handling a wide range of aggressive chemicals, solvents and alcohols. These hoses are excellent for acids and chemicals in high concentration up to 98%.

Chemical Suction & Delivery Hose:

  • LINER:
    Transparent, UHMWPE, light-coloured synthetic rubber
    high tension textile fabric, helix steel wire & anti-static copper wire
  • COVER:
    SBR/NR Rubber, Abrasion, Ozone, Weather Resistant
    -30 ° C to 80 ° C
    ¾" (20 mm), 1" (25 mm), 2" (50 mm)
    30 m rolls

Truco has been at the forefront of industrial rubber manufacturing since 1892

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