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  1. No goods may be supplied to the buyer or its branches except on presentation of an official printed and numbered Order Form which has been properly signed.
  2. Part deliveries will not be acceptable unless specifically authorised in writing by the buyer or specified on the Order Form.
  3. Goods delivered after the 25th of any month will be treated as being for the following month's account.
  4. Substitutions of colours, sizes or quantities or any kind whatsoever without permission will not be accepted and the right to return any such goods and to charge the seller with expenses incurred in so doing is reserved.
  5. The seller must adhere strictly to the delivery dates quoted on this order. Late deliveries without prior approval in writing will be rejected at seller's expense.
  6. No allowance will be made for boxing or cartage unless agreed to in writing.
  7. This order is accepted by the seller on the understanding that it is to assume all liability for accidents or damage caused by or to seller's employees while engaged and by or to any property or goods of any description.
  8. All responsibility for any loss or damage to persons or goods whether total or partial from any cause whatsoever including consequential damages will lie with the seller until full and complete delivery has been affected at the point stated on this order.
  9. Goods will be accepted at the place of delivery only as regards number and condition of packages and notwithstanding any receipt that may have been given, the goods shall remain liable to rejection if not in accordance with the order. Rejected goods will be held at the risk and expense of the seller who, before such goods are released, shall refund the purchase price (if already paid for by the buyer) and all charges incurred by the buyer in respect of such goods.
  10. The despatch of goods against this order shall be deemed to signify the seller's acceptance of the terms, conditions and prices set out in this order.
  11. Any expense or loss incurred by the buyer due to goods supplied which are not to specification or which are not within stipulated tolerances will be immediately reclaimable from the seller.
  12. This order is accepted by the seller on the strict understanding that all the above terms and conditions supersede any terms and conditions of sale stipulated by the seller unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the buyer.
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