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Flanged Bellows

Flanged bellows, also known as rubber compensator bellows, provide flexibility in pipelines and facilitate movement within pipes without damaging or cracking the system.

Truco's vibration- and noise-reducing flanged bellows are rubber-reinforced with a synthetic polyester cord and are compression moulded to the highest levels of accuracy and safety - providing you with a durable, abrasion-resistant rubber bellow.

Features and benefits:

  • Custom sizes available
  • Table/D, 10/3 &16/3 flange sizes available ex-stock
  • Eliminate vibration & noise from pipework
  • Rubber-reinforced with polyester chord for durability
  • Delivery within 1 - 2 days from order
  • Tie-rods available for high-movement applications

Industrial plants can instantly reduce the risk of damage to pipelines by installing flanged rubber bellows from Truco.

With an extensive stock holding, Truco's customers benefit from immediate availability across South Africa, including Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, as well as across Africa.

Truco warranties its entire range of rubber bellows against inferior quality of material and bad workmanship.


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Extend the lifespan of your pipeline with our rubber bellows today!!

S Size: The length and inside diameter?

T Temperature: Temperature of the medium transported?

A Application: What is the purpose of the hose?

M Material: What product will be conveyed through the hose?

P Pressure: The working pressure and the required safety margin?

E Ends: Are couplings required, and if so a detailed specification?

D Delivery: When is it needed?

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