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Reduce downtime using rapid repair with Durafast from Truco

Truco is a supplier of Durafast, a coating for equipment subject to wear by means of abrasion, impact, vibration, and expansion/contraction.

Durafast is a two-component (1:1 ratio) highly resistant epoxy compound that offers:

  • High adhesion to metal, ceramic & concrete
  • High resistance to impact & corrosion
  • Easy application - pasty consistency
  • 360° application - vertical & horizontal surfaces with low material rebound
  • Reduced downtime - return to operation in just 1 hour
  • Minimal tools required for repairs

Durafast is typically used across a range of applications that require a fast-hardening wear coating to repair holes, cracks and fissures, and recondition machine parts such as pump casings, conveyor troughs, pipes, mixing shovels, exhaust fans, chutes, sieves and mills, and more!.



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