Conveyor Belt Idlers

Conveyor belt idlers from Truco form part of the overall conveyor belt structure - providing motion to a driven conveyor belt. It also assists in applying angles to the belting to achieve different surcharge angles up to 45°.

Truco supplies leading Trough, Return, Anti-Seize, Anti-Run Back, Impact and Rubber Disc Return idlers for its entire range of conveyor belts.

Constructed from high-grade steel, HDPE, Nylon and rubber, Truco's conveyor belt idlers achieve peak performance in the toughest applications!

Features and Benefits:

  • Manufactured to world-wide standards
  • SANS 1313 Conveyor Idlers certification
  • ISO 9001 for manufacturing quality
  • Each idler is sold with a workmanship warranty valid for 60 000 hours in operation
  • Delivery in 10 to 14 days from date of order
  • Fitted with anti-seize bearings for extended service life


Lower your downtime with our short conveyor belt idler delivery time!

Send us your requirements for your conveying needs:

C MASC approved to SANS accredited and standard 12-month warranty

O Extensive stockholding of conveyor belts and accessories

N Fast delivery anywhere in South Africa and into Africa

V Greater load support, impact resistance & improved mildew/rot-resistance

E All conveyor belts fully customisable

Y ISO 9001:2015 Certificate of compliance

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