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Green HD PVC Suction & Delivery Hose

Our heavy-duty green HD PVC suction & delivery hoses are able to withstand an 80 kPa vacuum, making it ideal for dewatering applications.

  • Liner:
    Green UV resistant PVC
  • Reinforcing:
    Polypropylene helix
  • Cover:
    Green UV resistant PVC
  • Recommended Temperature Range:
    -20° to +60° C
  • Standard Length:
    30 metre rolls
  • End Fittings:
  • Various fittings, such as threaded or unthreaded swage nipples, flanges and a wide range of quick couplings. End fittings are crimped into the hose. Composite hoses are not supplied unfitted.

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Get the ideal hose for your application requirements from Truco - South Africa largest hose manufacturer.!

Send us your requirements using the STAMPED acronym:

S Size: The length and inside diameter?

T Temperature: Temperature of the medium transported?

A Application: What is the purpose of the hose?

M Material: What product will be conveyed through the hose?

P Pressure: The working pressure and the required safety margin?

E Ends: Are couplings required, and if so a detailed specification?

D Delivery: When is it needed?

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