Improved product results in repeat order

Following on from the delivery of dredging hoses to Richards Bay Minerals (RBM) one year ago, Truco (Transvaal Rubber Company) has been awarded a further order for additional hoses for the company's processing plants.

This is the second large hose order received from RBM and is in line with Truco's accreditation by the RBM Mining Division as a supplier of Critical Hose Units for the mineral sands operation's dredge systems. The company is supplying 32,6m lengths of 375 mm ID dredging hose to Pond E, for an extension of the mineral sands mining operation's existing feedline.

"Based on the success of the initial product, as well as the high levels of service delivery, Truco was a natural choice supplier," says Mike Stuart, Manager of the Hose Division, Truco. "This success follows an ongoing supply arrangement that Truco has in place with a Namibian diamond mining company, where a similar type of hose has been purchased over the last few years. Truco has been working closely with this customer to perfect and achieve optimum performance, in terms of life and cost."

This supply partnership has progressed to such a point, that Truco has been contacted by project engineers to assist in developing new concept hoses to suit new mining methods, which hold great potential for further improving productivity and reducing costs.

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