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Improved rubber fender design saves money for end user

Marine, industrial and mining rubber specialist Truco (Transvaal Rubber Company) has, over the last decade, supplied many different designs and types of rubber fenders for tugboats and other working vessels in harbours around the county, as well as innovative rubber solutions for other marine projects - ranging from a seabed crawler to a high-volume tourist jetty.

Local production of the rubber fenders has allowed for the development of co-operative relationships between Truco and tugboat operators, which enables custom adaptations to be made over time to best suit operating conditions. "These changes in design have resulted in fenders that have improved working capabilities and longer life expectancy. A large degree of standardisation has also enabled vessels of similar design and working condition to be fitted with the same fenders. Not only has this had cost-saving implications but, also in times of emergency, allows for fenders to be interchanged between vessels," says Randal Dicke, manager of Truco marine division, based in Cape Town.

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