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New "double flange" increases hose operating life

Exhibiting ongoing innovation and customer focus, Truco (Transvaal Rubber Company) has released a newly developed flange to extend the operating life of high-pressure hoses, thereby reducing the mines' costs.

"The new double flange (DF) is designed to handle high working pressures. For example, tailings pump hoses, incorporating the DF, can handle pressures of up to 40 bar with a 3:1 safety factor," informs Mike Stuart, Director - Truco Hose Division. "Using the DF for water pump applications allows the hose to be constructed in such a way that it eliminates the potential of rupturing the liner through movement, resulting in longer hose life."

With the DF configuration, the hose liner and carcass are built around the primary locating flange, eliminating the need for the traditional long tail. The secondary flange is constructed on the hose section. Reinforcement extends up the face and all the way around the primary locating flange and is clamped securely by the secondary flange. This increases operating lifetime.

The primary advantage of the DF design is to ensure an extremely secure flange connection - even if the flange is not secured or bolted together properly. For added security, the flange is manufactured thicker than specification. In addition, since the flexing of the hose now occurs around the secondary flange that is protected by the primary flange, the possibility of metal fatigue is eliminated.

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