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New rating reaffirms rubber specialist's quality commitment

Established rubber specialist Truco has upgraded its ISO 9002 rating for the hose division to ISO 9001-2000, confirming the quality standards that the division has been manufacturing to for many years. The company has gone a step further by employing a full time Quality Assurance officer to manage and maintain the system.

"We have always pulled out all the stops to ensure that our products reflect the same level of quality and professionalism that is evident in our countrywide support and technical knowledge and experience," says Truco's Mike Stuart. "At the same time, the procurement policies of leading hose consumers in the region often specify certain quality standards to be adhered to by their suppliers, hence any serious manufacturer should comply with ISO 9001-2000, at the very least."

Truco's hose division manufactures the widest range of large bore hand-built pulp and slurry hoses; small bore rubber hoses; PVC and composite hoses available in South Africa, as well as reusable flanges, bends, detection flute valves and other accessories. The company has not only secured a leading portion of the local market, but is enjoying ever-growing success in exports into Africa and even as far as South America.

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