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New ‘shaft-sinking hose developed by Truco

Rubber specialist Truco (Transvaal Rubber Company) developed a concrete placement hose tailored for use with casting during shaft sinking.

The range is specifically designed to discharge liquid cement or concrete. To facilitate this, the hose incorporates an extra thick abrasion-resistant liner with soft wall construction. This construction ensures easy breakaway of build-up that sometimes occurs during operation.

Available in 20 m lengths, the hose's nominal diameters are from 75 to 300 mm, and the hose range accommodates working pressure up to 1 000 kPA. This is the third hose range from Truco developed specifically as shaft sinking hose and has a 3:1 safety factor.

“The textile-reinforced soft-wall ‘shaft-sinking hose’ was developed with built-in support cables that help reduce the possibility of injury to workers at the bottom of the shaft,” explains Truco Hose Division General Manager, Mike Stuart. “

The support cables enable each length of hose to be coupled together. In the event of a hose length rupturing and separating, the cables prevent the length from falling to the bottom of the shaft.”

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