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New shaft sinking hose offers a safer alternative

The danger of normal pneumatic hose rupturing and falling, together with fittings, to the bottom of the shaft during shaft sinking operations has resulted in Truco (Transvaal Rubber Company) designing and manufacturing a new "shaft sinking hose" specially suited to this task.

"It was - and often still is - common practice for normal air line hose to be suspended in the shaft for the conveyance of air from above-ground compressors to air tools at the base of the shaft. This exposes workmen in the shaft to high risk, as the pneumatic hose will be subjected to abuse and stress, leading to the rupture of the hose, resulting in the entire hose length, together with its fittings, falling to the bottom of the shaft," states Mike Stuart, General Mangaer, Truco Hose Division.

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