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Rubber specialist called upon after successful previous order

A large storage company from Durban has placed a second order for specialised hose from Truco, following the successful delivery of hoses to handle the transfer of aggressive chemicals into storage tanks, as well as suitable hoses for decanting from the storage tanks into trucks.

This time, however, the company required a bunkering hose not for the transfer of chemicals, but for coagulating materials like wax, grease and oil. To cope with this entirely different operating condition, Truco delivered a rubber hose instead of PTFE, and removed the wire helix placed inside the original hose, as it would cause build-up of material when transferring coagulants.

As with the previous order, Truco KZN not only supplied the hose, but also undertook on site testing to ensure that the product satisfied the client's exact requirements. Totalling more than R100 000, the order was fulfilled in January this year.

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