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Rubber specialist proves successful through attention to detail

Close monitoring, accurate records and regular visits to the operating sites have allowed mining and industrial rubber specialist, Truco, to succeed where others have failed to provide a lasting dredge hose solution.

At a diamond mining operation on the West Coast, all existing 600 mm hoses kept on failing. Table Bay Rubber, the Cape associate of Truco, was called in to help resolve their ongoing problems. At the time, the mine believed its problems were due to the type of raw material carried through the dredging hoses. Various hose suppliers were given the chance to propose a solution.

Truco's investigations found that the existing hoses in use failed primarily around the flanges, and that the differing diameters between hose manufacturers caused excessive wear on hoses where they were joined at the flanges, due to the vortex created by the medium carried. In addition, flange bolts were being tightened up unevenly, thus exacerbating the problem.

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