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Tanzanian mine orders pulp and slurry hose from Truco

Following close on the completion of conveyor belting orders for use in Tanzania and Nigeria, Truco has received a large order for the delivery of its highly abrasive-resistant pulp and slurry hose from a mine in Tanzania.

A proven ability to meet short deadlines for shipment to destination and ongoing commitment to quality is contributing to growing the company's involvement in projects outside the borders of South Africa. The mine in Tanzania was struggling with hoses being used at its recently established in-line pressure jig plant for the re-treatment of tailings, which were not standing up to the harsh operating conditions. Truco - having recently supplied pulp and slurry hoses to similar mines in the Northern Cape and Botswana - was contacted for an alternative. An expert from the hose division specially visited the mine to identify all possible problems to arrive at the best solution. The outcome was a decision to supply pulp and slurry hose complete with the specially manufactured and highly-abrasive Trucotuff liner, which would significantly extend the life of the hose, to the mine.

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