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Truco announces the addition of rubber bellows to their product range

Truco now supplies a complete range of rubber pipe bellows, or expansion joints, available in sizes from a 50 nb to 1 500 nb. The bellows are available in a variety of different rubber materials to suit all application requirements.

Flanged bellows from 50 nb to 600 nb are available ex-stock; however larger diameters are manufactured to order. Bellow bodies are available in EPDM, Neoprene, Butyl, Nitrile, and Hypalon which provides resistance to a range of chemicals and exposure. Floating flanges are drilled to BS10, SANS1123 or BS4504 and are zinc plated. Bellows are available with tie bars or hinges and with or without vacuum rings.

Bellow bodies contain nylon chord fabric reinforcements in order to withstand high pressures, and provide structural integrity. Bellows up to 300 nb are rated for 1600 kpa working pressure, while larger sizes are rated for 1 000 kpa.

The addition of the Truco bellows range has been met favorably by the market, with large orders from mines across Africa.

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