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Truco now offering farm tank hose

Effective from July 2004, Truco (Transvaal Rubber Company) has started marketing an orange farm tank hose for the delivery of fuel from overhead tanks to farmers' tractors and other farm vehicles.

"Many different hoses tried to date have shown discolouring and premature cracking due to their exposure to the elements," says Mike Stuart, General Manager Hose Division. "Due to the specially formulated compounds used in the new orange hose, these problems have been resolved. It can withstand very high temperatures and not even the hottest African months will affect the uniformity of the hose."

Included in the features of the durable hose, a nitrile inner lining prevents degradation of the rubber by diesel, while an orange outer cover provides resistance to UV rays and weathering. Nitrile is suited to petrochemical applications as the compound is resistant to petrochemicals and temperatures of up to 110°C. These features ensure that the 25 mm hose can withstand harsh conditions for many years, as is needed in South African agriculture. Since taking the product to market, Truco has seen strong sales throughout South Africa.

The Hose Division of Truco has established itself as a customer-focused business unit, offering a wide variety of hoses with several application-specific liners. The Truco Hose Division approaches each project with a 'clean slate' to ensure customer requirements are met.

Orange farm tank.
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