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Truco opens new extrusions division

A dedicated rubber extrusion production plant has been opened in Chamdor, Gauteng, to cope with increased market demands, as an associate to the Transvaal Rubber Company (Truco).

Truco Extrusions (Pty) Ltd has been formed following the buy-out of Wayne Rubber's extrusion plant and equipment. The entire plant, consisting of a Krupp shear head machine, an Iddon salt bath extrusion line and two conventional extruders (25 mm and 60 mm), was transported from Durban to the new premises in Chamdor in January 2003.

"South African manufacturers of rubber extrusions have in the past faced problems in meeting delivery dates, which is largely due to extensive product ranges, as well as large customer bases to satisfy. The result was numerous short production runs during a single shift in order to meet commitments to customers, which proved counterproductive because of time wastage in equipment set-up and die changes," explains Bradley Schwarz, General Manager, Truco Extrusions. "We plan to address these shortcomings and manufacture top-quality rubber extrusions, by customising our approach to our main customers, namely traders, manufacturers and contractors. This will improve delivery times and add value to the product. Basically, we will manufacture rubber solutions and not merely rubber products."

A dedicated rubber extrusion production plant.
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