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Truco supplies fender to Namport

South African rubber specialist, Truco, recently supplied a custom-designed stern fender for deployment on a Namport, Namibian Port Authority, tugboat. The deal was facilitated through Truco's distributor in the region, Hopfast.

According to Dirk Paulson, Managing Director, Hopfast, the fender was fitted onto the Flamingo tugboat and forms part of the general ongoing maintenance operation.

"Fenders, by definition, are subjected to continuous impact and wear and thus need to be carefully monitored and replaced when necessary. Namport uses Truco fenders on all tugboats in the Walvis Bay and Luderitz Harbours."

Truco, utilising Fentek technology, develops and manufactures fenders at its factory in Chamdor, Johannesburg. Over the years numerous improved designs have been developed in order to ensure that the life of fenders in the Southern African ports can be prolonged. These improvements include design features that eliminate gaps in which tow ropes are caught, more robust, reinforced fenders, tapered ends and chains to hold the fender in place. Truco has also developed a fender that features two joints instead of one. These joints are placed well away from the point of impact on the port and starboard sides, instead of a central joint that weakens the fender.

Truco works in conjunction with Fentek, Trelleborg's fender operation, and is the sole Southern African distributor. Truco also is the main supplier to the South African Ports Authority.

Fender Being Loaded.
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