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Truco is an official distributor of NORMAFIX® metal and plastic cable ties and fastening clips throughout Africa.

This range of NORMAFIX® products includes pipe retaining clips, metal cable ties and perforated bands for all kinds of fastening and retaining applications: pipes, cables, cable harnesses, cable protection pipes, hoses and other lines.

It also includes a specialised polyamide plastic cable tie that has been specifically designed for securing cables in electrical installations, industrial wiring, automotive cabling, marine cabling and panel building.

Sourced from the NORMA® Group, this range of cable ties enables Truco to offer innovative pipe joining systems for a wide range of markets, including: mining, marine, agricultural, industrial, HVAC, aviation and automotive segments.


  • Fast, secure fastening of a range of hoses, pipes and cables
  • UV resistant materials for outdoor applications
  • Low vibration mechanisms
  • World-leading pipe connection designs for a range of applications
  • Flame-resistant solutions for marine operations
  • Available ex-stock for short turnaround times
  • Truco upholds the Norma Group lifetime warranty

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S Size: The length and inside diameter?

T Temperature: Temperature of the medium transported?

A Application: What is the purpose of the hose?

M Material: What product will be conveyed through the hose?

P Pressure: The working pressure and the required safety margin?

E Ends: Are couplings required, and if so a detailed specification?

D Delivery: When is it needed?

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