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Rubber Bellows in Botswana

Truco has developed a range of rubber bellows suitable for all industrial and mining applications in Botswana. These rubber bellows reduce the risk of damage caused by cracking and excessive vibration of your rubber or steel pipelines.

Our range of rubber bellows provide flexibility in rubber or steel pipelines for bore sizes from 50 to 600 mm, regardless of the length of the installation.

Why use our rubber bellows in your application?

  • Reduce pipeline stress caused by misalignment, vibration or expansion
  • Compensate for angular, lateral or axial pipeline movement
  • Minimise 'pressure pulses' in pipelines
  • Eliminate noise and vibration in your piping systems
  • Flexible for use in new or existing pipelines
  • Truco is a leading rubber bellow manufacturer in Botswana and offers standard and custom-sized bellows throughout the country. Our EPDM rubber bellows are available ex-stock, drastically reducing lead times in your operation!

We offer both flanged and union-type bellows for all applications! (Scroll down for detailed specs below!)

Let Truco find you rubber bellow for your application! Fill out the form or contact us on +27 11 762 5291.

Find me the right rubber bellows in Botswana!

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