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Specialised Industrial Mining Hose In Zambia

Truco supplies its entire range of specialised industrial mining hose to Zambia. Our hoses are designed with specialised rubber compounds to ensure they provide ruggedness and flexibility in your application.

We've tested our mining hose and industrial hose in real-field applications throughout Zambia and Africa to ensure they provide long-lasting performance - even in the harshest operations!

Industrial mining hoses manufactured by Truco are used to convey a variety of mining materials such as slurry, waste and environmental discharges and dredging operations. Specialised industrial mining hose in Zambia are serviced and supported by Truco.

As South Africa's largest manufacturer of large bore mining hoses and with immediate availability of small bore hoses through an extensive stock holding, Truco has become one of the largest mining hose suppliers in Africa, with over 60 large-scale mining projects depending on Truco.

Our industrial hose and mining hose ranges are manufactured from flexible and durable rubber, PVC and composite materials to provide long-lasting performance.

They are suitable for a wide range of mining, construction, industrial and agricultural applications:

  • Industrial wash-downs
  • Welding and construction
  • General discharges
  • Irrigation
  • General watering
  • Dewatering
  • Pump discharge

Tested in real African mining applications to provide maximum performance!

Get expert advice, plans and pricing for rubber hoses today!!

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