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Truco Conveyor Belts In West Africa

Truco has been supplying its leading conveyor belts to across West Africa for over 100 years. We have adapted our world-class conveyor belts to withstand West Africa's toughest above and belowground conveying conditions.

We provide fully customisable, high-quality, hard-wearing, cost-effective conveyor belts designed to suit any industrial or mining application.

Truco manufactures a comprehensive range of conveying accessories and equipment designed and tested to withstand punishing industrial applications.


  • Extreme resistance to impact and abrasion wear
  • Withstand pressures of Africa's harshest climates
  • Durable synthetic carcasses standard with polyester warp and nylon weft
  • 12-month warranty on all conveyor belts

Truco has been providing conveyor belt solutions for mining and industry for over 100 years. Contact +27 10 880 2180 now to enquire about how we can help you with yours!

Get expert advice, plans and pricing for your conveyor belts today!

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