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Repair conveyor belt holes, tears and edge damage quickly and easily with Flexsol

Regular rubber adhesives require hours to cure. In the case of splicing or conveyor belt insertions, the delays for the team’s arrival on site, and the splice preparation time, may mean several hours of downtime.

Flexsol (a liquid urethane elastomer) can be applied easily, with very little user training and without the need for tooling. It cures quickly, ensuring minimal downtime; within 45 minutes of application, the repaired conveyor belt can be back in production.

Flexsol is ideal for use on high- and low-impact belts, hose bends and molded parts. It enables rubber as well as metal adhesion. It is self-levelling, and if applied correctly, ensures the repaired belt is scraper-friendly.

Flexsol’s high adhesion and flexibility means the repair won’t separate from the belt. In addition, it offers resistance to impact, abrasion and acids.

Flexsol is the economical, easy to use conveyor belt repair solution available from Truco
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