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Pulp & Slurry Hose

Truco pulp and slurry hoses are available in hard wall and soft wall and are manufactured to withstand suction and delivery of typical materials such as coal, copper, iron, phosphate concentrates, limestone, lead, zinc, nickel, bauxite and mineral sands. Truco's large diameter pulp and slurry hoses are constructed with UV and weather-resistant outer covers.

  • Used in high-pressure mining applications
  • Ideal for cement plants, salt works and agricultural applications where high abrasions are present
  • Working pressure of up to 4 000 kPa
  • Operating temperatures of - 20°C to +85°C
  • Extreme operating temperatures of - 40°C to +150°C
  • Nominal bores from 25mm up to 1 200mm
  • Lengths up to 20m, dependent on bore
  • A range of inner liner compounds dependent on specific applications is available

Flange ends include standard, rotating and Truco's patented double flange design.

Slurry hose lines are also used to transport tailings from a mineral processing plant, after the ore has been processed, to dispose of the remaining material.

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